We strive to maintain a hard-core raid mentality while maintaining a laid back guild, treating our members with dignity and respect.  We value the friendships formed with one another and wish to see the end game content together. Please be courteous to your fellow raiders/guildies. We expect our members to do their part to contribute to the guild and to help one another. We do not believe that you need to yell, scream at, or belittle people to achieve results. We will call people out on script fails in order to correct and fix mistakes so we can progress as quickly as possible. We look for open communication above all else. We are a group of people that do not raid for the sole purpose of getting loot.  We may sacrifice progression if we feel farming will allow us to progress faster over the long term. Our goal is to complete all content and have fun while doing so. Selfish, rude, and obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated and may be grounds for removal from raid and or guild


Table of Contents

Raid Schedule

General Raiding Requirements


Raid Members

General Raid DKP and Loot System

Bidding Priority

Plat Splits

Raid Alts

Ninja Logging/Ninja AFK/Extended Breaks

Deteriorating DKP

Items For Raids



Raiding Schedule


Days: Sunday, Wednesday & Friday

Invites Begin: 7:30 pm EST

Times: 8:00 - 11:00 pm EST   

Breaks: One 10 minute Break at approx mid raid. Will be announced by Raid Leader

Holidays: You will be notified by in game mail if a break is being taken for holidays.

X2 Content: Days are To Be Determined

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General Raiding Requirements


Stable Internet Connection

ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker)

Teamspeak (Speak/Listen)

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All Applicants must be willing to put in the work necessary to develop and enhance their toon for the benefit of the raid force. They must be willing to sacrifice personal DPS for raid DPS when gear choices come into play to further progression as needed.  All are expected to become fully mastered, max AA, properly adorned (White, Purple, Green & Cyan) and reforged as necessary within a reasonable time frame. Group & Solo Instances are expected to be ran by all members. You should always be striving to improve your toon. Come to raid prepared. Being prepared means being fully repaired, have all items needed for raid - potions, signets, relics, miracles, temp adorns, scrolls, arrows or posions if used, food, drink, etc. Your raid toon may not raid with any other raid force as this may/will conflict with lock out timers.

The application review process lasts a total of 1 raid month. Raid Months start the 1st of each month and ends the last day of each month. This being said, as an example if you start raiding on the 14th of a month, your application process doesn't begin until the 1st of the next Raiding month. The applicant must have shown that they are committed to becoming a viable member and an active participant of the guild. They must have achieved at least 80% attendance although 90%+ is desired of applicants for proper evaluation.  

Guild leadership has the right to terminate the application at any time or to extend or reduce application periods on a case by case basis. Promotion to full-time raider is determined by attendance and not necessarily an indication that you have proven yourself.  A promotion does not mean that your spot will be safe as we reserve the right to continue to recruit until we have deemed you have fully proven yourself.  

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Raid Members


All raiders are required to maintain their toons and continue to enhance and develop their toon for the benefit of the guild. This expansion cannot be completed on a raid only basis. Heroic & Solo Instances are required to be ran by all members. You should always be striving to improve your toon. Come to raid prepared. Being prepared means being fully repaired, have all items needed for raid - potions, signets, relics, miracles, temp adorns, scrolls, arrows or posions if used, food, drink, etc. Your raid toon may not raid with any other raid force as this may/will conflict with lock out timers. You must also maintain satisfactory raid performance. Failure to do so will open your spot for recruitment.

All raid members are required to maintain a minimum of 80% raid attendance on the 30 day attendance mark which is tracked via the DKP system. If you fall below 80% your spot immediately opens up for recruitment and becomes contested until your 30 day attendance is above 90% redeeming your commitment to the guild. During that time, until 90% is achieved, you will be demoted to the Part TIme Raider of Filler for loot bidding and plat split purposes. Part Time Raider is for attendance maintained between 79% and 51%. Filler is attendance at or below 50%.If your spot had been filled due to recruitment, you will remain a Filler until a spot in the rosters opens up or leaderships opens the spot to contested. Anyone at Filler ranking may be asked to sit out if a spot is needed for a Full Time Raider. Officers and Leaders are not exempt from these requirements.

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General Raid DKP and Loot System


     DKP is awarded as follows

     5 points early DKP

     5 points per hour of raiding.

     2 points per name kill/name encounter

     10 points for a progression name kill/name encounter

The DKP officer will determine if a member that arrives late will be awarded DKP for that hour on at his/her discretion. Members arriving late are expected to notify the DKP officer (Apriloo/Destinyoo/Mac) that they have arrived to be to be added to attendance, this can be done by sending a tell to Apriloo/Destinyoo/Mac. Members not added to attendance will not be able to bid on loot.

Raids called early due to lack of attendance or for other reasons may or may not earn the hourly DKP, this will be at the raid leaders discretion.

Raids that go beyond the stopping time of 11 pm EST or for optional raid on an off night will earn DKP but not count towards attendance.  

Optional raids may be called to aid or catch up with progression by allowing a farming night on an off night for new recruits or to further progression.  

Bidding DKP you do not have will result in loss of half your DKP.  If an item had been awarded, then your DKP will be docked an additional 25 DKP.  Only the recorded DKP on the website is to be used for bidding.  It is your responsibility to know your current DKP if you have already bid and won an item and is no excuse to bid more then you have.


Members that are sitting are required to stay and listen in Teamspeak in order to earn DKP/attendance.  They may log on and work on an alt character of their choosing if they wish. If you are sitting you must notify DKP officer (Apriloo/Destinyoo/Mac) of your alt toons name, should you need to be reached. If the sitting member is needed for raid, they must log over immediately.

Members that turn out to be unreachable within reason when needed will lose their DKP/attendance for that hour, forfeit loot bidding rights for that raid and be docked 15 DKP.

Loot Bidding

Items for bid will be linked in Outlaws_Loot. At that time bids will be accepted for the item linked. Any bids posted outside of the Outlaws_Loot channel will not be accepted.

All Bidding will be done at the same time. Any DKP bid trumps plat bid regardless of amount. Please be aware of your rankings bidding limitations, these are stated below. If 2 people from the same ranking bid and they are the final and winning bid it will then go to /ran as a tiebreaker.

DKP bidding starts at 10 DKP and goes in increments of 5.

Plat bidding starts at 200 plat and goes in increments of 100. Loot with a higher market value may be linked and bid for in the public Auction channel. This is at the Raid Leaders discretion. All Plat is paid to Guild Bank 4.

Please bid accordingly to what will benefit the raid the most but do not feel that you have to pass on loot if it is indeed best in slot for your character and item will be used for its maximum benefit of ALL stats involved. Do not pass on gear just because it is not best in slot for your character unless it is best in slot for another bidding class.

Negative DKP is allowed only under the circumstance that nobody with positive DKP wishes to bid on the item. If this is the situation please inform the DKP Officer.

Late bids will be ignored once an item has been clicked and assigned to a player. Do not wait for a 2nd or last call to bid. You only slow the process down


Raid Bidding Priority

  1. Full Time Raiders - Open Bidding

  2. Part Time Raiders - Max Bid 50

  3. Raid Fillers - Max Bid 15

  4. Raid Apps - Max Bid 10

  5. Raid Alts - Max Bid 10 and must include RA with bid

  6. Plat/Channel - No amount limitations. Please include “p” or “plat” with your bid.

Loot & Adornment Requirements

The guild will designate that raid members to be using specific adorns and items as to benefit the raid as a whole. Daybreak/SOE created loot that will maximize raid DPS at the expense of personal DPS and this loot is required to be able to progress quickly through the content.

Green adornments may only be bid for with DKP. You may only receive 3.

Specialty Raid Drops

These include but are not limited to Recipes, Adornments, Masters, Transmuted Materials, Salvaged Materials, Etc. will be leader assigned or opened to DKP or plat bidding at the leader's discretion in the best interest of the guild.

Any or all Specialty Raid Drops  may eventually be sold on the broker if they have been sitting in the bank for a while or if we have an excessive amount.  All specialty raid dropped items which are sold on the broker will be used to grow the plat split.

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Plat Splits


Plat splits are awarded at the end of the month to each full-time raider. Earnings are based on Attendance.

At the end of each month plat gained from raiding (plat, channel or broker sales) will be split among the raiders which maintained 80% or higher raid attendance during that raiding period. Raiders achieving 90% or more attendance will qualify for a bonus split.

Part Time, Filler & App ranks are not eligible to receive plat splits.

Guild Reserve will be the same amount as those at 90% raid attendance. These funds are kept aside for the running of the guild/raid.

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Raid Alts


All raiders wishing to have a Raid Alt will need to fill out a Raid Alt Application. You will be notified if your toon has been approved as a raid alt. Only Raiders maintaining 80% or more raid attendance will be considered for a Raid Alt and will follow the same rules as a main raider. Raid Alts may not be used in any other raid force and be available for use in our raid force should the need to be utilized.

Click here for the Raid Alt Application

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Ninja Logging/Ninja AFK/Extended Breaks


Ninja Logging is defined as quitting or leaving for any unknown reason. If you are found to be ninja logging you will be given a warning, or possible removal of your toon from guild if it becomes an issue.

Ninja AFK or Extending your break pass the allotted time will not be tolerated, this may result in removal from raid and loss of any earned DKP for that raid. As a reminder ACT will let us know if you were doing what is expected of you.

We understand there are circumstances where people may have to log to take care of Real Life emergencies and or get booted by weather conditions outside of your control, we just ask that you inform guild leadership or raid officer by guild website, guild facebook page, or an in game mail by the following day.

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Raid Discouragements

No fluff pets, pack ponies, bands, anything that can cause lag, etc. out during raid. Please hide your Deity Pets.

No Items that proc damage, stuns, or stiles the raid.

Listening to music is discouraged if it affects your ability to listen to Teamspeak and or ACT.  

Watching TV during raids is highly discouraged as it leads to unsatisfactory raid performance.

Sending tells during raid is discouraged as they are a distraction to not only you but the person you are sending them to as well. If you are sending tells you are not actively participating and is disrespectful to the other members in raid as well as anyone sitting out waiting for a spot to open. The exception to this would be contacting leadership to let them know that a situation has come up that will require you to logout or AFK. If a problem has occurred or you have a concern please address those issues after raid.

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Deteriorating DKP/DKP Loss


If you do not achieve 50% attendance for the time span of 1 month then at the end of the raiding month your DKP will deteriorate by 50% of the current balance. This will occur each month that you do not achieve 50% or higher attendance. Once your DKP balance reaches 0 (zero) you will be removed from the DKP list and removed from any sort of raider ranking. If you have no Raid Activity for 3 (three) months you will forfeit any remaining DKP and be removed from any sort of raider ranking.

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Items For Raid


As a raider you should carry certain items on you to benefit and assist you as well as others during raid.
These items are pictured below.


 photo items for raid 2.jpg

 photo items for raid 1.jpg

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Leadership reserves the right to make amendments as necessary at any time based on circumstances that may arise or situations not discussed above in the interest of fairness and in the best interest of the guild.

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